[GET] SMS Deliverer Enterprise / Standard v2.1.0

SMS Deliverer Enterprise is a powerful application that lets you send text messages to a large number of phone numbers. It records all sent and received SMS so you can get valuable information by analyzing it. It is useful for anyone who wants to do a questionnaire survey and promote products via SMS. With the SMS delivery service, you can promote your product or service. It is important to know which product or service is most popular. The SMS delivery person analyzes the SMS sent by customers and creates a report with the most frequently used keywords. With seamless reporting and a scheduled SMS feature, you can tailor your marketing strategy and grow your market quickly.

SMS Deliverer Enterprise

This is the cheapest solution if you use your existing computer and mobile phone. With USB data cable connection options, Bluetooth, you have a powerful marketing tool.

Here are some key features of SMS Deliverer Enterprise:

· Multiple phones are supported
· Custom SMS
· Scheduled SMS
· Automatic answer
· Long SMS and SMS flashing and SMS from destination port
· Multilingual SMS
· Export / import contacts
· Contacts / Group Management
· E-Mail notification
· Automatic recognition of the mobile phone
· Historical report sent / received
· Summary report sent / received
· Words of interest report
· Sent and received analysis card

Sales Page:

hxxp: //www.smsdeliverer.com/



Unzip the rar file
Disconnect the internet

– Install the software in test mode.

– You will be asked to restart the PC, but not to restart.

– Close the program now (also close the notification area to the left of the time)

Open the Keygen and create a key, paste it and restart the PROGRAM.

– Now it should be saved

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