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PBN Hunter Software Find Hidden Backlinks For Free

PBN Hunter – discover how they really connect…

What is a PBN?

A PBN is the abbreviation of private blog network. A private blog network is a network of websites used exclusively to create a unique website on search engines. The sites that make up the PBN are usually created from expired domains. If a webmaster no longer wants a website or a business or charity no longer needs his site, it will expire and PBN owners will purchase those domains. They then set up back links to these PBN websites by posting their Money website (the website they want to evaluate).

What is PBN Hunter?

If an owner of PBN is experienced, he knows that using a PBN may result in the removal of the listing from his site in Google’s search results. This is contrary to Google’s guidelines for webmasters. As a result, they hide these PBN sites by blocking backlink crawlers like Ahrefs and MOZ. With PBN Hunter, you can see these hidden PBN backlinks. This software tool can be downloaded and used for free.

Why should I use PBN Hunter?

If the profile of a backlink competitor does not seem correct, you should ask PBN Hunter if it will be improved by a PBN hidden in Google. Nobody wants to spend hundreds of hours on an amazing website to see that you have no hope of ranking because this keyword, which seemed so easy to categorize, is actually dominated by people with hundreds of websites PBN.

How does PBN Hunter work?

PBN Hunter works on the following principle. When a site owner has a site (our landing page) for a game called Dead Man X, he creates the pages of his PBN sites containing the term Dead Man X, either in the anchor text, somewhere in the text of the page. PBN Hunter uses the term they are trying to classify (“Dead Man X”) and erases all the results of all the major search engines on “Dead Man X” that he can find. After scraping a page with the term “Dead Man X”, he checks each outgoing link on this page to see if it matches the target site. When a link to the target site is found, it also checks to see if the site is blocking crawlers like MOZ and Ahrefs.


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