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Mr. X SEO Whitehat Link Building Jimmy Kelly

Whitehat Link Building SEO Membership of Mr. X (the JKD-approved Membership Club)

A weekly step-by-step video for SEO, presented by a longtime friend and SEO expert who was once Jimmy’s rival in one of the most competitive SEO rooms in the world!

Jimmy Kelley believes that few people around the world have the same level of competitive SEO at the corporate level. Mr. X is an exception to this rule.

The problem is that Mr. X wants nothing to do with the public eye, internet marketing conferences, or a personal branding strategy.

This member’s area is being filled week by week with the advanced methods and techniques used by Jimmy and Mr. X at Fortune 100 corporate customers.

It took a lot of effort to convince him to start the JKD community. You’ll want to hear what he has to say, as Mr. X has managed to implement highly sophisticated and profitable SEO results for hundreds of customers and dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

(The above example shows that hundreds of videos and methods that can be downloaded in the member area of ​​Mr. X are hundreds!

At the moment we have completed a large series of training courses and others are already underway. The latest training video and modules are listed at the bottom of this page.

The current membership fee changes when the last 7 videos above are added. You now want to be added to the current price for training and benefit from the rights acquired at this price forever. We can not reveal everything that is included in this training every month, but you want to reserve your seat.

Every Wednesday night, I sit in the JKD office listening to Jimmy Kelley and Mr. X trade SEO trade secrets that are only used at the highest level of corporate-level SEO accounts. , Some of this information is provided in this training.

Once this training is purchased, I will add you to the Skype group for updates.

Do not miss this training!

The following will be discovered in this training:
How to quickly and easily create an Ecom Parasite page placed with Weebly and Popshops in Google
The $ 35 Fiverr Linkage method, which is used to rate all websites
To create a 301 bridge with a relevant domain
This will give you real tracking links from Tumblr that will not be redirected
Here are the upcoming training videos for the next two weeks:
This allows you to diversify a backlink profile using sites that share audio, video, and document products
How to Create White Hat Links with Search Engine Queries
How to conduct an effective analysis and dissemination of competitive connections?
How To Build And Categorize A Datafeed Website
How to set up Datafeedr blog syndication on social channels
To classify images in Google Image Search
Linking with a single product and eCom – Think Amazon
Course CurriculumIntro Video: Jimmy Kelley introduces Mr. X.
Introductory video: Jimmy Kelley introduces Mr. X (5:26 pm). Ask Mr. X (submit questions for weekly review)
Ask Mr. X Typeform (Submit your weekly review questions.) Answers to Mr. X’s FAQs
Video FAQ Answers from Mr. X SEO! (02.05.2017) (36:19)
Q: Is the Web 2.0 buffer (10 or 25) secure for new domains? How would you water down the anchors on a new domain? M. X Recommended Tools, Software and SEO Resources
Recommended Tools and Websites with Insight M. X (PDF)
Best Huffington Post Links To Buy – Do Not Follow And Follow The Links
The Link Builder recommended by Mr. X 1. The Ecom Parasite Page Video Series (earning money)
1. Video: How to quickly and easily create an ecological pest site that will be placed on Google using Weebly and Popshop tools (11:31)
Video 2: The $ 35 Fiverr Linking Method That Ratifies All Websites (11:40)
3. Video: Creating a 301 Bridge Using a Relevant Domain 301 (23:44)
4. Video: Results of Parasite Rating (first two-day results) (1:45)
(Update) Pop Shop Bypass (5:57) Bonus: Easy social traffic
Video: Easy Traffic Increase by Pinterest (17:50) SEO Competitive Research Training
Competitive analysis and link building using AHrefs “link crossing” (7:52) Advanced linking methods
Video: How to be done? consequences

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