Make Over $10,000 Monthly Selling On Amazon/Dropshipping Without Any Investment –

[HOT] Make Over $10,000 Monthly Selling On Amazon/Dropshipping Without Any Investment

How to make more than $ 10,000 in sales per month with Amazon / Dropshipping

Greet the other hat-bearers of the black color. Here are some tips to help you build huge Amazon piles that I’ve tested and proven that can be reached 100%. This does not require an investment.These are just a few basic points. If you want more details, leave a question in the room so that everyone can see it. I also know a lot about eBay if you need help.

My personal tips for Amazon

I specialize in media, but you can apply it to any product.

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1. Find a category you want to sell in and notice the number of items sold, for example, when Dark Knight DVDs are sold at an average price of $ 15. Visit websites like Bestbuy, Borders etc. and see how much they are there.

2. You can specify an unlimited amount without any upfront fees at amazon, bye-bye FeeBay. I would suggest getting a $ 40 per month business account to lower your distribution costs.

3. It does not have to be the lowest price, I have already sold thousands of products, but I have already listed more than 200,000 products. Maybe 100 of them were the lowest price. I sold tons of products on the third and fourth pages.

4. At first, I did not want to sell to Amazon because I saw the lowest price as a dang … I can not even approach that price, I just listed a few items to see A few days later they sold. Do not be intimidated by cheap bandits.

5. The fast charging system from Amazon. Amazon only needs UPC code. He already has the description of the photo, etc. You can upload codes at the same time. I have already made 50k uploads at the same time … how long would it take to put so many products on Feebay ???

6. Dropship of a retailer. So, if you get the retailer’s price, make sure you’re still profitable after the fees. You can use an Amazon calculator to determine your costs, google.

7. Ask for payment daily. If you have no money to cover the cost of your orders, no problem. You can request a payment request daily directly from your bank account at Amazon. Usually it takes 3-4 days. After you have received the money, you can go online and order your customer’s product at the lowest price from the merchant.

8. Remember to ask when ordering in your online store that the price will not be displayed during shipping.

9. Sell retail items and always make money. You know, I saw a seller on Amazon selling all his books / CDs in retail stores. I was like this guy did not make any money. Then I looked at the volume of its products in relation to the number of its sales. Of course he was. He was almost always the last guy on the last page. But people bought !! I think he sold about 0.5% of his inventory every month. Suppose there are 100,000 products, 500 sales per month. Retail or retail and online shopping cheaper d

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