Here we tend to come with our initial Case Study (Ranking web site From ClickBank Niche), we are going to take your time, this one doesn’t create plenty of cash for US as a result of it’s simply a a pair of.5 months previous web site, however this can tell you that however simply you’ll be able to still rank in Google with the assistance of Link Authority Network with in only a pair of months for terms (in totality) having 100K + search volume.

clickbank affiliate selling

Whole Case Study are tame half dozen Steps:

Everyone says Clickbank is exhausted and it’s too competitive to market its merchandise. we’ve got been into SEO for four years currently and that we suppose the simplest issue that ever happened to SEO were the 2012-2013 Google updates. They opened floodgates of chance. folks simply have to play the sport new manner and stop being Dinosaurs. Nothing is just too robust to rank for any longer. we’ve got hierarchical for French version of Binary choices (Option Binaire) on first position for six months.
Unhidden Content – fancy The View!

. however we tend to Picked Up the merchandise From ClickBank& What Was The Thought Process:

We were already promoting a pair of merchandise from health niche and had hierarchical them on position one with the assistance of Link Authority Network, downside with them was that they did not have plenty of search volume and although we tend to were ranking on high position they get US sale or 2 each different day.

So we tend to needed to select Up A Product:

Which Is Evergreen.
People very Wanna Buy: Has Gravity quite fifty.
Have good Search Volume.

Here is that the screenshot of the keywords that we tend to determined to travel with: The search volume is way quite what’s shown here as a result of these keywords get additional searches in summer.

So once we tend to finalized these keywords, we tend to additional them in SERPBOOK, that is the keyword trailing tool that we tend to use. It’s nice, it’s it’s glitches however we tend to prefer it and it is the best we all know of to this point.

. Thought method Behind selecting the proper Domain:
People then several SEO gurus say precise match domains are dead however nine out of ten sites that we tend to use are precise match, however during this case we tend to could not land one. feels like folks are attempting to rank for these keywords for years.

It s not that we tend to weren’t ready to realize an actual match; it’s simply that it had been born multiple times antecedently. we tend to avoid victimisation born domains regardless of however clean there backlink profile has been.

Finally we tend to landed up a partial match domain which works like: x-mainkeyword.com, the rationale we tend to wish to follow precise domains are following:

Atleast thirtieth of the backlink profile has to be Branded, in order that we tend to get a chance to focus on my anchor text quite an bit.
Being an actual match or partial match my keyword variations also are to smart quantity.
We love victimisation LSI’s and generic keywords, virtually twentieth of our overall backlink profile is combination of those 2 and that they create our link profile look therefore natural.(Remember to rank you continue to have to target enough precise match, and to to not get penalised you wish enough variation, whole and generic anchors in your backlink profile)
WE ARE ATTACHING A SCREENSHOT OF OUR BACKLINK PROFILE HERE, IF someone will realize A smashing very little TRICK THAT we tend to USE TO RANK SITES quicker, we’ll take off IN OPEN AND justify THAT.
Here could be a Screenshot Of however Our Backlink Profile feels like once a pair of Months

3. Explaining The Backlink Profile:
These are the most points that we have a tendency to detain mind as so much as our backlink profile is concerned:

0% complete and naked computer address targeted.
0-20% actual match.
30% keyword variation
Only 2-4 backlinks on a daily basis from completely different domains, they’re slowly drip-feed in an automatic means and that we see the rankings rise day when day.

P S. For the primary we have a tendency toek we target solely complete and computer address, from 2d we have a tendency toek we have a tendency to begin targeting the keyword variation and from third week we begin targeting actual match keywords. therefore before even we have a tendency to begin targeting actual match keywords typically we have a tendency to begin ranking in high a hundred or one thing.

P P.S. Our links don’t seem to be coming back from same class to that our domain belongs, it’s coming back from every kind of various niches, however the on-page content of the link is one thousandth written and is on topic, we have a tendency to solely use Link Authority network for this.

. however The Rankings Came Up:
So we have a tendency to usually do not see any rankings for 1st week or 2, cause not solely are we have a tendency to building solely 3-4 links daily additionally it takes some time(2-3 days) for Google to index them. however we have a tendency to begin seeing that our keywords are in high a hundred in 1st 3-4 weeks, some keywords get high twenty in addition relying upon however competitive they’re.

A Few important Points:

Every time we have a tendency to tried to rank a web site in as less as a pair of weeks by causation it a bunch of fifty terribly prime quality links directly or a hundred prime quality links directly, we have a tendency to got initial rankings then again it born off unhealthy. therefore we do not do this any longer.

Our backlink method is once more terribly natural and organic drip feeding of links. therefore confirm that:

Your link speed is 3-4 links daily.
You are victimisation discourse prime quality links.
The on-page content is original.
The domain connection is very important however not that important.
Here Are Our Ranking Snapshots:

Here Are The Progress Graphs:

5. Increase In Traffic:

Obviously with increase in rankings we will get good traffic right at our doorsteps, and the best part about the traffic is that it’s targeted so it converts decent depending upon the website copy.

Here Is The Traffic Chart From Google Analytic:

6. Sales And Making Money:

As we mentioned earlier with targeted traffic you don’t have to worry about sales, Here is a snapshot of the clickbank sales graph, A single sale would get us about 25-35 USD. And since the traffic has just started to come in we are pretty sure that our traffic will be 5-10 times as soon as we hit position 1 for our keywords which will be 5-10 times more sales.


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