How To Get Unlimited Uber Rides – ProToolStation.com

How To Get Unlimited Uber Rides – ProToolStation.com

This works perfectly fine in 2018!

How To Get Unlimited Uber Rides

Benefit from this exclusive method to get free crossings at any time

    Works for all countries where Uber is supported.

        1) Create a new one


Account (you must have a new account for it to work).

2) If you have not used the first free ride, use exactly the following code:


and you will have a free ride! This code will be very useful in the next steps.

3) use the ride

at any time

you would like


Your account here:


He will ask you to log in and give a reason. Just do it all.

5) In

1-2 hours
Your account will be deleted and is not recoverable. Sometimes this happens in minutes. You get one


when it is deleted.

The account will be deleted automatically, ie the Uber team will not check your case and you can always do it with the same phone number!

Then repeat and enjoy


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