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[VIP] How to Find SEO Affiliate Keywords – Quick and Dirty

Ahh affiliate marketing, the life blood of good SEO spam. This is how I put food on the table; affiliate marketing driven by SEO.


how to find low competition keywords


But how do you find good keywords?

Today we will be going through a painfully simple way to find some good affiliate keywords to help you stack some more chips. We’re not doing anything revolutionary, but making the affiliate connection is where the magic happens.

The tool we’re going to be using is SEMrush combined with the end goal of smashing some affiliate ranks.

To start, we literally look at the site we’re trying to monetize and make a list of relevant programs.

Let’s say we have a blog about outdoor gear. A good company that comes to mind is REI, and they also happen to have a decent affiliate program. Now we’re going to pop them in SMErush and take a look at the “advertising research” tab.



Why you ask? Well let’s just assume that most of these keywords actually convert into $$ since the company is bidding on them. Unless they are a bit retarded and like spending money on nothing, which sometimes can be the case but it’s not usually. You’ve got the company you’re affiliated with paying money to advertise and sell their shit, so if you rank on those keywords you can do the same. Starting to get the picture?

Yesss, I seeeee, **scrambles to SEMrush and goes to check some keywords and make more bank 😉

Overall just a slam drunk approach to researching your niche and finding some good keywords that you know are actually going to make that cheddar.

You can also use the filters to exclude the brand and other unwanted keywords.



Yup pretty easy, look at all that honey.



There really are so many uses for SEMrush, love that beast. And to sweeten the pot even more,click on the banner below to get discount. Hope this simple technique just made you some more money, now go crush it!


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