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[GET] KindleSpy – The Ultimate Amazon Spy Tool

This Tool is Freaking Awesome…


“After seeing a review copy of KDSPY, Wesley, I just had to drop everything and send this email to you. You’ve outdone yourself here. This tool is freaking awesome. I love how it’s integrated into the browser so I don’t have to remember to use any software on my computer. I’ve always preferred doing my research ON Amazon, and now I have an assistant with me to tell me what I need to know in seconds. My research used to take hours, not anymore. With one click I can understand the landscape in any category in a matter of seconds … and then, a book topic idea is given based on the best selling books in that category. All this … and I’m only 10 seconds in. I’m blown away. Can’t wait to see what else you come out with if this is the sort of software you produce.”

Download & Installation :

Unhidden Content – Enjoy The View!

Pass : Protoolstation.com

[MD5 Hash Inside Files] :

e225b8471662af97edaf19778508cc39 *KindleSpyFull.exe
49794ef850f35ef7b9ebb8c675561035 *AxInterop.ShockwaveFlashObjects.dll
9f6b2f8f4c449c0ee227c7ec005c2edb *FlatUiTheme.dll
d631f1924d735e079e61e6b46f0bacad *HtmlAgilityPack.dll
3e9feb74eabe104d88ca8a332f33837d *HTTP.dll
cba0d7a224122d3161e596a50b612eae *Interop.ShockwaveFlashObjects.dll

Note that there is no virus but your AV may tell you that a virus has been found, it’s a false positive due to crack, proof it’s working fine :

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