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Gene Pool Elite By Billy Gene

JURISDICTION # 1: The basics of compelling writing. The messaging sequence that generated more than 300 subscribers and recurring sales of $ 29,100 in the first month. The two-step ad campaign generated more than $ 50,000 in sales in four Dollar days has scored 30 of our best topics and tips for creating your themes


JURISDICTION # 2: Basic Principles of Quality Video Content. The 4 different objectives of the training videos and the selection of the right call to action (CTA) for you. These $ 6 and $ 137 video start kits with which my 7-digit company has started. Tools, scripts and tutorials for creating high quality, easy and inexpensive video content. (No prior technical knowledge required)


JURISDICTION # 3: The Basics of Effective Selling. The Unique Campaign Gives Us $ 5,000 to $ 38,500 a Day. The Only 5 Reasons Why Someone Will Not Buy from Your Home and How to Overcome This Checklist I won the end”


JURISDICTION # 4: Simplified Facebook Advertising Basics Learn how to create a ready-to-use campaign to create your ad account, create the ad, set up targeting, landing pages, and more. In less than an hour. Do you offer a perfect offer and strategy for someone to take out a loan? Here is an example of a sales funnel that converts cold traffic to 48%: the three main components of a landing page, how to correctly use each space and how to choose the best estimate (CTA), with a conversion rate of 134% or more. Increase one of our top-performing campaigns and generate revenue of around $ 1,000,000. Andrea Vahl, co-author of “All-in-One on Facebook Marketing for Dummies”, has completed specialized training

JURISDICTION # 5: The basics of automation Find out what you need to do yourself or what robots or others should do for you and how to use technology to create more hours per day Automated Webinars that target directly sales over $ 2 million The dollars are responsible for e-mail and specific subject lines, which allowed me to generate more than $ 10,000 in 2 hours with a perfectly designed tracking sequence.

JURISDICTION # 6: Basic Principles of Live Streaming What equipment do you need to live and not look like an idiot? Make sure strangers appear for your live broadcast, even if they have never heard of you. Live and more importantly, how do we sell when we live.

JURISDICTION # 7: Basic Principles of Prospecting How do you reach paying customers, even if you believe you lack credibility? You will receive my exact sales presentation, with which we have closed hundreds of customers and more than 90% worked for me. My Top 4 Most Popular FREE Traffic Sources That Help Us Find Our Ideal Customers

JURISDICTION # 8: Fundamentals of Membership Perform step-by-step how we built our membership page with over 500 paid members. My four favorite strategies, tested and proven, to consistently and predictably recruit new members for the gene pool. Processes and systems are needed to avoid the loss of recurring revenue in thousands of dollars

JURISDICTION # 9: How to tell stories that sell well? I use the 7 elements of a good story for our commercials that have generated millions of revenue. The 5 factors that I integrated into all our video ads make it HOT! The true story that we told you brought us more than $ 100,000 in one day.

JURISDICTION # 10: Fundamentals of Making Money. The 7 Aspects of Business (Dashboard) that will help you estimate your Potential Billy’s Personal CPA income everything you need to know about taxes, finances and avoidance IRS-related issues is a special guest who explains how he can make money and how he owns one of his businesses for $ 1.3 billion. Could develop and sell dollars. This smart philanthropist has received 14 awards for all his achievements and has been featured in shows such as ABC’s Extreme Makeover, CBS. The Doctors and Larry Ki.

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