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Facebook group and ClickBank How to apply to 2500 members in just 1-2 months

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Facebook Group And ClickBank How I Grow It To 2500 Members In Only 1-2 Months

Method 1: If you post groups on Facebook to promote your Clickbank offer (or any other offer), you can enter something later: contact me here:

Method 2: Retargeting When you’re asked how and what information you’d like to receive about your message, reply to the inbox and send your group link to Messenger.

Example: Click here (your link). Also, sign up if my Facebook group needs to stay connected: (your group). It can also make you a messenger, even if you do not click on your link.

Method number 3 and the fastest. I think all the articles on advertising groups say: let go of your links / I want your best commercial offer. And everyone starts to put their links in the comments.

You create a post. So if someone puts a link, he will reply in comments: Great, you can also join my Facebook group to promote your business (link your Facebook group).
And it’s the highest destination traffic. (Warning: do this 1 to 2 times a week, do not use spam because Facebook will block you for a certain time or several days if you do it for spam.) Or you can use multiple fb accounts if you use them have. (I only have a Facebook account)

Now, you’ll say, “And am I just going to create a band with advertisers?” With my little experience, I found that most advertisers are also customers and are looking for opportunities..

When you develop your group on Facebook, many members connect in an organic way. I get about 25 members a day, they do not do anything.

Personally, I pinned a message and I support a Clickbank commercial offer. (Write a good message with value and put it in place).

When I greet my new members, I add my references and a blog link with all the other methods.

Example: Here is my recommendation 1. If you are ready to change your life once and for all and make money immediately (your link) … If you want to work online, check my list here: (your blog) (just an example)

Result 4 Sales were fixed on the product of the post. And sell with other recurring products.

I hope it helps


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